What is a QR Code?

You might have heard that Quick Response Codes or simply QR Codes are set to become the latest trend in technology but you don’t actually know what a QR Code is!? Quick Response Codes (QR codes) are simply a type of two-dimensional barcode that can only be read using smartphones or other devices that are dedicated to QR reading. The devices that can read a QR code connect directly to texts, emails, websites, phone numbers and many more! You might have accessed this website by scanning a QR code!

Although QR codes are very popular in Japan and across the East, they are slowly becoming popular in the West. Before long you will start to see the codes on shop displays, product packaging, printed and billboard advertisements, in emails as well as on websites. The possibility of QR codes being used for both marketing and promotion of products, brands, services as well as any other thing is very high. Continue reading “What is a QR Code?”